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Mind & Heart

I have been teaching that mindfulness might just as well be called “heartfulness.” In the practice we witness our own body, heart & mind. We observe our thoughts & feelings & so come to know ourselves deeply. And in this process … Continue reading

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Over the past couple of decades I have talked with a thousand or so students & clients about their lives – “Who are you really? And why are you in this world?” There is an emerging profile – Intuitive. We just know … Continue reading

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Loving Wisdom

“Our lives are not our own.” (Annelle Travis, 1948-2011) My late wife taught the discipline of discipleship – living as a servant to the Masters of Wisdom. Acting as if the Light of the Buddha and the Love of the Christ … Continue reading

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The whole world is one prayer. Judaic, Christian, Islamic… Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist… Shamanic, Mystical, Esoteric Anonymous 12 Steps or New Thought Metaphysical. Whatever. Every ceremony or celebration, every meditation or dialogue, every ritual or service any pause for contemplation any gathering … Continue reading

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The Way

People have been sitting on this rock for at least ten thousand years. The boulder is Matilija sandstone – it glows pink in the sunset & sunrise. The trees are Ponderosa pine – they smell like cream soda. The vista sweeps … Continue reading

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