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The Gift of Time

A client friend once said to me, “I’m watching my thoughts. I’m feeling my feelings. And it still hurts. What am I missing?” Why doesn’t Spirituality work instantly or constantly? Our mind has the gift of Light. Our heart has the … Continue reading

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It begins with the love of living creatures for their own lives. Then the love of mothers & fathers for their children. Then the tribal chieftain who loves the people as if they were family. Then the holy sage who loves each person as if … Continue reading

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Trust & Care

My grandson used to live with us on weekends. Early Saturday mornings you couldn’t hear footsteps. But you could see blue eyes peering over the bed. My late wife would laugh & say to me, “You two need to go on an adventure … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Kindness

Future Buddha Maitreya Bodhisattva of Lovingkindness Wisdom is in knowing our own being. Becoming fully aware of our self – who we are & what we are doing. As the knowing of our own being grows, we come to know the other … Continue reading

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Common Knowledge

  “Kindness is the basic wisdom.” (Fortune Cookie, circa 2000.) A deep study of the World’s Great Faiths will reveal a hidden secret. There exists an ageless wisdom teaching, a single core idea, arising through every period and culture of … Continue reading

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Practice of Presence

I have made a lifelong study of the world’s wealth of disciplines for awakening consciousness, trying to find the common basis of the various approaches to meditation and contemplation. I have finally come to believe that the basic human practice is presence. In my own … Continue reading

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Broken & Perfect

Among the spiritual communities in which I have the honor of serving are two that might seem to be based upon opposing worldviews. The metaphysical communities of New Thought espouse the concept that all of us are perfect. The anonymous fellowships of Twelve Steps espouse the concept … Continue reading

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Emergency Meditation

I have taught many exotic techniques of meditation, but if I am in real trouble, then I use this one – Bring your mind to your heart & find your breath. I call it Emergency Meditation because you can do it in … Continue reading

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New Life

I have spent a life studying wisdom and healing and using both to help others find their way. This month marks three years since I began my own journey of recovery from caregiving.  I seem to have made a good start … Continue reading

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