The Sacred Ojai Tour

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I began taking friends
on spiritual adventures
to sacred sites around
the Ojai Valley area
in the mid-1980s.

At this point I give clients
the Sacred Ojai Tour.

I truly love sharing
this special place.

Ojai is one of the few valleys
that run from East to West
so that there are no shadows
in the morning or evening.

Ojai hosts at least seven sacred centers:

The Chumash Nation
Living at peace in Ojai Valley
for over 10,000 years.

Krotona Institute
beautiful gardens,
spiritual library.

Krishnamurti Foundation
Philosopher’s hermitage,
& the famed Oak Grove.

Meher Mount
Avatar’s oak tree,
coastal vista.

Meditation Mount

beautiful gardens,
valley vista.

 Ojai Foundation
indigenous wisdom,
beautiful gardens.

And other centers as well.
Each one dedicated
to serving the Light.

Pine Mountain at 7,000 feet –
Ponderosa Pines & Matilija Sandstone
with a view of the Pacific Ocean
is about an hour away via Highway 33,
Maricopa Highway, Butterfly Highway.

Ventura Pier at California Street –
with stretches of beaches
between two estuaries
is about half an hour’s drive & walk.
There is also a bike trail the whole way
from Ojai to the ocean.

Mountains & canyons
waterfalls, lakes, streams,
fox, squirrel, coyote
cougar, deer, bear,
heron, duck, swan, eagle,
yerba santa, wild rose
alders, sage, fern, palms.

Healthy eating,
Restful lodging.
Healing energies.
Jeweled bookstores.

This is a good place to visit
for finding your way again.

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