The Gift of Time

Version 3

A client friend once said to me,

“I’m watching my thoughts.
I’m feeling my feelings.
And it still hurts.
What am I missing?”

Why doesn’t Spirituality
work instantly or constantly?

Our mind has the gift of Light.
Our heart has the gift of Love.
And these are heroic powers.

But the first aspect of our Soul
beyond even Light & Love
is the Will.

And our will proves itself over time.

Spirituality is not a one step event
but a path that must be walked.

Awakening & Redemption
are a millennial planetary journey
of wisdom, kindness, justice…
& there is a transforming virtue in
staying with it, keeping with it
step by step by step.

It is only through choices & actions
across days, months, years & lives
that such ideals become real in the world.

We align our will with principles
by persevering in their practice.

This is how our pain finds peace.

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