Loving Wisdom

Annelle Travis

“Our lives are not our own.”
(Annelle Travis, 1948-2011)

My late wife taught the discipline of discipleship –
living as a servant to the Masters of Wisdom.

Acting as if
the Light of the Buddha
and the Love of the Christ
were real forces
in this struggling world.

She devoted herself to “the Work” –
seeding a planetary culture of human kindness
based upon the Wisdom Teachings that:

1. All beings are One Group.
2. The Plan is Love & Light.

She spent her years striving for
the awakening of humanity,
quietly healing & teaching,
helping others find the Way
of their own Soul.

“My head, my heart
& my two hands
offered in service.”

She helped me to know past any doubt
that our species is a single whole unit.

She told me once,
“Help our friends
as if they were me.”

She meant those strange ones
that serve a deeper cause.

This is my Valentine to you –

No one treads this Path alone.
There is no such thing as alone.

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