The Family of Wisdom

Virgin of Guadalupe,
Mother of All the Americas

The esoteric literature predicts
that amidst global crisis
there will come into being
a new group of diverse people
drawn from every culture of
the great house of humanity
committed not merely to
the service of their own
nation or religion,
but to the service
of the world.

We are witnessing
the emergence of potentialities
for intuition, empathy, creativity.

These are strong signs for
an awakening humanity.

We find ourselves called into
varied fields of service:
leading, healing, teaching,
business & the arts…

And we find ourselves drawn into
organizations & communities.

Anyone who has ever lived with a family
knows that dealing with other people
can be astonishingly complicated.

There are two practices
that help with group work:

1. Non-Criticism

Of course we may need to
assess or critique each others
choices or actions.

But condemnatory faultfinding
brews toxins that poison group work.

2. Non-Interferference

Of course we must intervene
against unjust, unkind or unsafe
choices or actions.

But healthy group work relies upon
every member doing their own job
& letting others be free to do theirs.

The appearance of people
who can work in groups
for world service
is a good sign.

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