Human Practice


Whatever spiritual tradition
or consciousness discipline
we have committed ourselves to,
the practice is grounded in
the basics of being human.

Whether our practice
is from the Western side
or from the Eastern side,
from the 12 Steps
or from New Thought,
every human being
has both a mind & a heart –

And each of us benefits
from becoming skillful
with these things.

The basic common
human practice is
to use the mind
to know ourselves
to use the heart
to care for others.

It is in this Way
that we come to stand
in the greater light
that we come to serve
in the greater love.

This is how spiritual principles:

Light & Love
Truth & Care
Wisdom & Kindness
Honesty & Respect
Justice & Mercy

enter into material reality.

They come into the world
through our practice –

letting our mind be filled with light,
letting our heart be changed by love.

This basic practice is not strictly
a Buddhist path or a Christian path.

It is the life of our being
& the path of the Soul.

Our common human strivings
to know ourselves
& to care for others
are the simple basic practice
of our species on this planet.

Whatever the formal technique
of prayerfulness or meditation –

Our daily living practice
(simply being present)
is the vigil that brings us awake
& the refuge that brings us peace.

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