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Mind & Heart

I have been teaching that mindfulness might just as well be called “heartfulness.” In the practice we witness our own body, heart & mind. We observe our thoughts & feelings & so come to know ourselves deeply. And in this process … Continue reading

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Over the past couple of decades I have talked with a thousand or so students & clients about their lives – “Who are you really? And why are you in this world?” There is an emerging profile – Intuitive. We just know … Continue reading

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Loving Wisdom

“Our lives are not our own.” (Annelle Travis, 1948-2011) My late wife taught the discipline of discipleship – living as a servant to the Masters of Wisdom. Acting as if the Light of the Buddha and the Love of the Christ … Continue reading

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The Way

People have been sitting on this rock for at least ten thousand years. The boulder is Matilija sandstone – it glows pink in the sunset & sunrise. The trees are Ponderosa pine – they smell like cream soda. The vista sweeps … Continue reading

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