Brock’s  Classes

1st Mondays – 6:30-8:30PM
Ventura Center for Spiritual Living
101 S Laurel St, Ventura, CA
Open to Everyone

2nd & 4th Mondays – 6:30-8:30PM
Ventura Center for Spiritual Living
101 S Laurel St, Ventura, CA
Invitation Only

3rd Mondays – 6:30-8:30PM
Ventura Center for Spiritual Living
101 S Laurel St, Ventura, CA
Open to Everyone

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Event Listings:

Mindfulness for Attorneys
Mayer-Brown, Global Legal Services
Biltmore Hotel Santa Barbara

Mindfulness for Homelessness
Many Mansions, Affordable Housing
Simi Valley & Thousand Oaks

Mindfulness for Elders
Women’s Club
Camarillo Leisure Village

Mindfulness for Veterans
Camarillo Healthcare District
Referral by Veteran’s Affairs
Recovery from Military Trauma

Peace Studies Think Tank
Awakening Community Institute
California State University
Channel Islands

Peace Beyond Losses
Livingston Memorial Hospice
Meditative Practices
Problem-Solving for Bereavement

Spiritual Business Workshop
Westlake Village
Center for Spiritual Living.
Radiance & Authenticity,
Magnetism & Attraction.

The Beloved Community –
Celebration of Black History Month
United Methodist Church, Ojai.
Meditation & Visualization.

Take Heart
Wellness & Caregiver Center,
Camarillo Healthcare District.
Facilitation for De-Stressing.

Awakening Community
The Future of Ventura
Mainstreet Architects, Ventura.
Facilitation for dialogue.

30th Annual Camarillo Hospice
Community Memorial Service
Keynote Speaker

Compassionate Friends Annual
Balloon Release Ceremony
Guest Speaker

 5th Annual Brain Injury Conference
of Ventura County

Keynote Speaker

Ageless Wisdom for Creating Happiness.
Center for Spiritual Living, Ventura.
Seminar re health, balance, romance, success, etc.

Peace Amidst Changes.  Oaks Spa, Ojai.
Presentation on ideas & skills for life change.

Mindful Wellness.  Recovery Innovations, Oxnard.
Mindfulness Trainings.  VCBH, Oxnard.
(Ventura County Behavioral Health.)
Programs for Mental Health & Substance Abuse staff.

De-Stressing Sessions.  LMVNA, Ventura.
(Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurses Association.)
Mindfulness trainings for hospice staff.

11th Step.  Rick W’s 12 Step Workshop, Vta.
Facilitating meditation for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Crossroads.  Inspired Life with Susan Burrell.
Interview for radio broadcast by KVTA.

Meaning & Purpose.  Tea by the Sea, Shamrock, SB.
Presenting for caregiver outreach program.

Prevent Burnout.  Maravilla Senior Living, SB.
Presenting on self care for staff of residential facility.

Making Peace with Age, Ills, & Death.
Symphony of Life Spiritual Center, Ojai.
Workshop for coping with life changes & end of life.

Aging, Dying, & Peace.  Senior Concerns, TO.
Presentation on spiritual strategies for Life Planning.

Mindfulness Training.  Aurora Vista Del Mar, Vta.
Mindfulness trainings for hospital staff.

Mystique of Ojai.  The Oaks Spa, Ojai.
Presentations on legends & magic of Ojai Valley.

Spiritual Awakening.  The Well, Ojai.
Workshops of meditation & dialogue for Recovery.

Meditations for Recovery.  A Place of Peace, Ventura.
Meditation meetings for serenity & mindfulness.

Spiritual Caregiving.  Sacred Space, Summerland.
Healing Journey.  Sacred Space, Summerland.
Seminars on inspiration & information for caregivers.

Inspiration.  Hillcrest Royale Assisted Living, TO.
Heart & Soul.  Emeritus Assisted Living, Camarillo.
Dialogues for elders to clarify purpose & meaning.

Burnout & Beyond.
Behavioral Health, Lake County, CA.
Mindfulness training for clinical professionals.

Awareness & Compassion.
Hemet Valley Recovery Center, Hemet, CA.
Spiritual Journey.
The Canyon Rehab, Malibu, CA.
12 Steps for Recovery.
R House Youth Rehab, Santa Rosa, CA.
Rehab Groups on mindfulness & serenity, for Recovery.

Mindfulness.  Mental Health Clinic, Clearlake, CA.
Mindfulness trainings for Recovery.

Dialogue.  Sonoma State University, Cotati, CA.
Dialogue.  JFK University, Pleasant Hill, CA.
Dialogue trainings for consultants & therapists.

Spiritual Development.  CA Assn of MFTs, SB, CA.
Presentation on Self-Actualization for psychotherapists.

Person Centered Approach.  South Assn Colleges, TX.
Presentation on Self-Direction for academic educators.

Psychosynthesis.  World University, Ojai, CA.
Seminar for finding & being one’s own Real Self.

Leadership, Communication, Diversity, Teamwork.
Training Systems Network, Tampa, FL.
Satellite broadcasts for corporate education.

Holism & Ecology.  Ojai Retreat, Ojai, CA.
Seminar on principles for transformation.

Finding Your Purpose.  Meditation Mount, Ojai, CA.
Workshop for authentic direction in life, love & work.

What Do Kids Need?
Passport Academy, Santa Clarita, CA.
Dialogues with at-risk youth for college outreach.

Prevention & Intervention Training.
CA Assn of Indep Schools, LA, CA.
Substance Abuse Prevention Strategies.
Pan Am Tri-Assn, Panama City.
Presentations for keeping kids safe from drugs.