Brock’s Counsel

“Spiritual.”  “Positive.”

“Sensitive.”  “Instructive.”

“Sincere.”  “Gentle.”

“Devoted.”  “Magical.”

“Peaceful Spirit.”

‘Wise, Kind, Soulful Teacher.”

Brock helped me find serenity.
He is a kind & loving person,
who is just a call away.

Jeff W, Veteran, Ventura

Brock is an inspired caregiver.
His counsel was the most profound & helpful
that I have ever received.
I would highly recommend him.

Bill H, Artist, Ojai

It was so nice to talk through things
without being told what to do.
It was like having a guided conversation
& it was very helpful.

Sam S, College Student, Westlake

After meeting & working with Brock,
discussing the possibilities for a direction,
I am more excited for the future
than anxious about the choices I will be making.
He encouraged me not to count out
any opportunities for fear of not succeeding.

Emma S, College Student, Westlake

Thanks so much for your love,
concern & care for us these months.
You’ve made a huge difference in our lives.
We’ll be in touch.

Gary & Barb S, Caregiving Couple, Ventura

Brock has been helping us for months
with our caregiving & family issues.
We know him to be a very patient & kind teacher
who finds the good news in our situation,
giving us hope, love & peace in pursuing solutions.
We trust Brock implicitly.  What a blessing he is to us.

Jean & Frank W, Caregiving Couple, Camarillo

Brock’s spiritual guidance
has had a profound impact on my life.
His knowledge in the truths of the ages
and his passion to share this knowledge
is a blessing to all.
My life is forever changed.

Kelly R, Meditator, Ventura

Dr. Travis, you have asked for words
to tell your impact on my life.
Well, you have helped me center on myself
with God as the core.
Your wisdom & empathy have validated me
& given me tools of clarity.
I am balanced & centered.
My days are mine once again…full and rich.
I am good with who I am,
ready to explore the world that awaits.

With great counsel,
comes great understanding –
to open one’s soul & be whole,
to find the beauty within.
I thank you with tears of gratitude
for openly sharing from your heart.

Pamela Philips, Retiree, Ojai

Brock is an enlightened teacher.
He engages our group with deep insights,
vast perceptions & tempered humor…
We love him.
I have truly been inspired by Brock’s
gifted ability to teach & help others…

Nick Haner, Eldercare Consultant, Oxnard

Brock, thank you so much for sharing
your gifts of healing with so many.
I was moved to tears…
Meditating with Brock is a life changing experience.

Kathi Whalen, Executive Recruiter, Camarillo

Brock changed my life’s course
by helping me learn to work with the Soul.
He carries the light
of the world’s wisdom teachings into all he does.

Monnie Smevold, Counselor, Sonoma County

Brock’s responsibility & compassion
make him a dynamic guide for Recovery.
He changed my life.
He helped me find my path
by tapping into my inner truth.

Brenda Way, Therapist, Santa Clarita

Brock took the mystery out of meditation for me
& pointed me to the magic that it is.

Rick Wilson, Speaker

Your words have been resonating in my head & heart.
I feel a shift & am aware I need to listen for guidance.
Thank you for your graciousness to meet with me.

Margaret C, Jobseeker, Ventura

We are truly fortunate to have
this great teacher in our midst –
someone you can trust
who has been through the depths.

Jack Herschorn, Sacred Space, Summerland

Brock Travis is a rare find.
His style of coaching unfolds so much
self-realization for me.
His insight creates such clarity.
I feel so uplifted & enriched each time after seeing him.
Brock Travis in an invaluable mentor & advisor
& I would recommend him to anyone.

Sarah Sunshine, Entrepreneur, LA

Brock is an amazing guide
for spiritual practices in caregiving & in recovery.
I have had the pleasure of attending
his meditation workshops in both areas.
Brock speaks from his own experiences
& his words come from his heart.
I have been able to use the skills he teaches
in my role as a caregiver & in my recovery.
I would recommend Brock to absolutely everyone.

Sue Crespo, Spiritual Practitioner, Ventura

Brock has such a kind & loving soul.
People recognize this spirit to spirit.
He is also so well educated & experienced –
both worldly & other-worldly.
He’s walked the shaman journey
which has given him the gift
of being a true healer &
now shares wisdom,
practical & divine.

Donna Otte, Herbal Healer, Oxnard

Thank you, Brock,
for a most delightful “walk and talk”.
Your words were both inspiring
& thought provoking.
I have been contemplating on them ever since.
I for one am glad to be a recipient
of so much love & grace.

Kim Kolb, Life Coach, Ventura

Thank you, Brock for your caring & kindness.
I enjoy reflecting about what you are teaching me.
And I appreciate your flexibility with my schedule.

Francoise Morel, Realtor, Montecito

In my spiritual quest I have come to believe
that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
I consider it my personal good fortune to have met Brock
as my guide as I go through a family challenge.
Brock shares his wisdom with compassion
while offering practical solutions.

June Guynon, Attorney & Parent, Beverly Hills

Brock Travis helped me
get in touch with what drives me
at a personal, relational & spiritual level.
After distilling the essence of who I am,
he helped me to articulate a vision
that fulfills me at every level.
On a daily basis, I dedicate myself professionally
to something that is deeply connected
to a sense of purpose,
& I owe that privilege to Brock.

Ben Gross, Entrepreneur, NYC

I have spent most of my life helping people
actualize their truer, deeper creativity,
navigate through life changes, losses & crises,
transition toward authentic romance & success,
& become conscious of their own spirituality.
This work gives me a sense of peace.
This is who I am.  This is what I do.

Brock Travis, PhD