The Perennial Tradition

Version 2

I studied Humanities,
Literature, Music, Theater,
prior to finding Psychology 
‘The Knowledge of the Soul.’

I taught my way
across the human lifespan:
preschool, elementary,
secondary, high school,
junior college, university,
graduate, doctoral,
clinical, community, corporate,
even infants, toddlers
& geriatric day care.

Over time I came to speak for
the broad deep range of
Consciousness Disciplines
& Spiritual Traditions.

This path took quite awhile,
several decades really.
And it did not happen
in a neatly planned order.

Along the journey
I met a very few real teachers –
those who don’t just teach their topic,
but help others toward becoming
what they are meant to be.
And I found the real school –
the hidden, secret,
Teachings of Wisdom

forever pointing the Way.

Now I teach classes here
in the church basement –


Humanity’s great ideas & skills
for living & serving as the Soul.

It’s been a strange journey.
It took a long while
& seemed to have
no order at all.

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