Healing Trauma


 Trauma is a global impact.
Casting its shadow across
generations & incarnations.
Every human child is touched
in some way by the waves of war.

Some go sad & scared.
Some go tough & mean.
But none go free of it.

The nerves are shocked.
The heart is numb.
The mind is flashing.

So we sit fiercely vigilant.
Simply breathing the breath.

We let our hearts be great.
Spacious enough for
the pain, grief & fear,
the shame, anger & guilt,
even the hope & joy
to finally come to peace.

We train our minds to watch.
Promptly facing our wrongs.
Asking only to know the right path.

We sit in the presence
of kindness & wisdom.
Breathing the breath.
Minding our hearts.
Everyday we practice
acting upon the peace.

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