Mind & Heart

Version 2

I have been teaching that mindfulness
might just as well be called “heartfulness.”

In the practice we witness
our own body, heart & mind.
We observe our thoughts & feelings
& so come to know ourselves deeply.

And in this process we befriend
our body, heart & mind also.
We embrace thoughts & feelings
& come to love ourselves more fully.

Human beings are able
to use their minds to think.
But minds can also see.
My mind can cling to a belief.
Or I can see what is.

Human beings are able to
use their hearts to emote.
But hearts can also feel.
My heart can cling to a desire.
Or I can feel what is.

Our mind is a light
meant to show us the Way.

Our heart is a love
linking us to other beings.

The Sanskrit word is Smrti
Zen calls us to remember
our own original essence.

The Arabic word is Zikr
The Sufi calls us to remember
human unity with the Divine.

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