My business training gave me
a set of very clear priorities:
You don’t perform a service
without a “return on investment.”
You don’t leave the room
without making sure
everyone has your card.
You don’t announce an event
without a “call to action.”

I tried to do all those things.
But I couldn’t stand myself.
So I don’t do any of them.

My coach also taught me –
“Just shine your light
& they will come.”
I do that one.
I simply teach my classes
& allow people to choose
how to work with me.

I’m not saying it is easy.
E-blasts & flyers don’t get read.
Clients cancel sessions.
Students don’t come to class.
But it makes sense to me
to let beings make their own choices.
That leaves me free to be & do
what I am meant to be & do.

Occasionally I catch myself
still trying to force things.
It doesn’t feel like peace
because it is driven by fears.

My friend Bonnie Rose
talks about “purity.”
Not striving for numbers.
Of either people or money.
Simply feeling your way
towards what seems right.

My friend Pamela Phillips
talks about “goodness.”
Not self-serving actions.
Simply letting the beauty
unfold itself through you.

The Taoist holy sages
taught Wu-Wei.

This term is usually translated
as “non-action” or “not doing.”
But it can also be interpreted
as sincerity or simplicity.

Innocence is not mere naïveté.
It is bringing yourself to peace.
So that you can serve
what is greater.

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