The whole world is one prayer.

Judaic, Christian, Islamic…
Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist…
Shamanic, Mystical, Esoteric
Anonymous 12 Steps or
New Thought Metaphysical.


Every ceremony or celebration,
every meditation or dialogue,
every ritual or service

any pause for contemplation
any gathering together
any simple moment of silence

creates an aperture in consciousness

the divine world,
the human world,
& the natural world.

The old word is Noumen.
The new word is Vortex.

But it is the Soul that creates it –

an openness through which
beauty & purpose
fountain into our weary world.

Even in the hardest, darkest moments,
we can still clear a little space of prayer –

Letting the Spiritual realm
enter the material realm
through our own being.

This is the Way we touch
the unity of the whole.

And whatever has happened,
no matter how painful,
we can renew ourselves forever.

Your mind may be scattered,
& your heart may be broken,
but with a glimpse of justice,
or with a hint of kindness,
the Great Work begins anew.

(Photograph 2009, by Annelle Travis.)

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