Annelle Travis
Born 1948
Died 2011

“Beauty shines forth
from the depth
of all things.”

My late wife was a fierce practitioner
of detachment & discernment.
It was she that helped me find the Path –
Letting the Soul shine through the form.

The life given over to service,
teaching, healing, creating,
quietly showing the Way.

She taught me a thousand times
that the difficult personality
we are striving to serve
is a wounded spiritual being.

And our task is to help them
become what they are meant to be.

Annelle’s journey through Cancer
revealed the essence of Wisdom.

I witnessed her Soul
find its Way through
the crippling impacts,
to shine from her form
again & again & again.

As her health, her strength,
mobility, vitality, memory,
were all taken from her,
she strove to be there
fully for each being
whose path she crossed.

Amidst dreadful losses
she became a source
of deep peace & cheer.

The season of her dying
showed what we really are –

As the body falls away
presence shines forth.

There comes a point on the Path.
Hopes are lost. But faith is kept.
This is the territory of surrender.
And the region of miracles.

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