When I am waiting in line
for fish tacos on the pier,
I can see the old Cross on the hill.

For me it is not a religious icon
but rather a spiritual one –
much more ancient than
the instrument of execution.

I was taught that the Cross symbolizes
a human being on a great height,
standing upright with arms outstretched.

The vertical axis is the clear light
shining through the mind
for the blessing of the world.

The horizontal axis is the deep love
pouring through the heart
for the service of all beings.

As one stands steady in the light
one comes to know the truth that
we are not mere physical things,
but are, each of us,
all of us, spiritual beings.
So we must treat other people
with the love we have for self.

This is a Wisdom Teaching
not just for any single faith.
It is the Christ’s gift
for our whole species.

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