The Wisdom of Kindness

Maitreya2 copy

Future Buddha Maitreya
Bodhisattva of Lovingkindness

Wisdom is in knowing our own being.
Becoming fully aware of our self –
who we are & what we are doing.

As the knowing of our own being grows,
we come to know the other as a being also.

Kindness is based upon the realization
that our self & the other are of one kind.

As our consciousness evolves
it is as if a light is shining
through our minds, revealing
that we are not mere things –
existing only for others,
but beings existing for ourselves.

As our consciousness deepens
it is as if a love is flowing
through our hearts, revealing
that others are beings as we are –
existing not only for us,
but for themselves also.

This is the initial arising of
a revolution of consciousness:

If others are not things,
then we must cease
using & hurting them.

If others are beings,
then we must begin
serving & helping them.

In the name of wisdom & kindness
let us propose a Diamond Rule –

Treat others as the Self.
Because they are.

This is a basic human pathway
to spiritual awakening.

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