Enduring Friendship


At this point in my journey
I choose to believe that
love is undying.

This gives me peace.

 I know that marriages are not deathless.
I know that romances are not deathless.

Bereft of friendship,
projects and programs,
companies and families,
all come to an end.

But I have learned that friendship
can endure across partings,
and even across the veil
of dying and birth.

We cross paths,
come to care,
come to trust.
Perhaps forever.

I know that not everyone does that.
And I have not always done it.

But I have learned that I can…
Stay a course and keep a faith,
even unto death if need be.

I know that this isn’t stylish.
But it is the one thing
I like most about myself.

It gives me peace
to love in this way.

The Shambhala Tradition has a saying –

The Masters of Wisdom
abide for 10,000 years,
never forsake one another.

A noble, gracious, friendship
is holy and sacred,
and is also perhaps
the only human choice
that endures forever.

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