Visualize a golden chalice
filled with diamond elixir.

Our friendship is the chalice.
The elixir is wisdom.

I am using the term Spiritual Communication
to mean a depth of conscious communion.

Spiritual communication is
not merely horizontal –
with words crossing over
between the different persons.

Spiritual Communication is
actually vertical –
with ideas springing forth
from a shared center.

If people gather together in trust and care,
then the group forms a human vortex that
tends to give rise to what they need to know.

The authentic conversation is Noumenal.

A noumen is an opening
between Nature and Spirit.

It could be a glade or a grotto,
a flame, a spring, a tree, a hill.

It could also be a center of
ritual, prayer, dialogue or meditation.

It is well known that sacred sites
possess this special property.

What is not so well known is
that every circle of human beings
has the potential for noumenality.

The seminar or workshop,
the counseling session,
the family meeting,
the company retreat –
each of these can serve to
bring one vision
through many voices.

It is the degree to which
we can be, at once, both
utterly truthful
totally loving
that brings wisdom
through friendship.

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