If you are reading this blog, then chances are good that
you are an intuitive, empathic, creative person.

Occasionally, you just know what you need to know.
Occasionally, you just feel what others are feeling.
You may or may not be an artist of some kind,
but you tend to find your own way of doing things.

Intuitive, Empathic, Creative.
This is an emerging typology.

You are very likely sensing a vision
of the part you might play
in the creation of a better future.

You are very likely sensing a calling
to be of greater service in the world.

And you have a deep longing
for your work and your love
to be ever-more real.

As if your doings could be
true to your very being.

You tend to be ecologically conscious –
with the capacity to consider
impacts on other living systems.

Your are also holistically conscious –
with the capacity to consider
spirituality as universal.

This profile is unusual
but not unique.
Perhaps about 10%
of contemporary humanity.

It is still a fairly rare type.

That is the reason we are
vulnerable to doubts and fears
about our worthiness,
or may wonder if we are
alien to our own birth cultures.

This is the reason we struggle with
being what we are meant to be,
and doing what we are meant to do.

This why it takes such courage
for us to stand forth,
and why we must find friends
who care for us, that we can trust.

It is important to remember
that the spiritual leaders
of our species’ journey
are not the ones on top,
but the ones in front.

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