Nature & Spirit


One of the great things about my counseling work
is that I get to share the wild beauty of this locale.


I meet with clients at
Ventura Pier,
Harbor Estuary,
Botanical Gardens,
Lake Casitas,
Pine Mountain,
Rose Valley,
Matilija Creek,
Chumash Trail,
Lake Shrine,
Sacred Space,
the Mount…

Vta Eagle

I love not only the nature of the place,
but also the spirit of the time.


There are legends that the New Era starts here,
amongst valleys sacred for 10,000 years.


Profound wisdom and healing power
are hidden between mountains and ocean.


 Each of the World’s Faiths has a center in this region,
and every kind of human being now lives in this area.


Wondrous things are happening.
It is a blessing to be a part of it.

Vta Swan

I need to say a deeply loving thanks to
The Ventura Center for Spiritual Living
for letting me use office space as needed.

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