Common Knowledge

Vta Pond


“Kindness is the basic wisdom.”
(Fortune Cookie, circa 2000.)

A deep study of the World’s Great Faiths
will reveal a hidden secret.
There exists an ageless wisdom teaching,
a single core idea, arising
through every period and culture
of humanity upon this planet –

We are not merely our personality –
composed of body, feelings, thoughts.
We are a spiritual consciousness.
We are essentially divine beings.

There comes a point on the Path
where the light touches our mind –
we realize that we are beings,
and must not be treated as things.

There comes a point on the path
when the love touches our hearts –
we realize that others are beings,
and must not be treated as things.

If I am a being, then all these others are too,
and I must treat them as if they were the Self,
because that is what they truly are.

This is the Diamond Rule.

If I search deeply into myself,
and then search deeply into
family, friends, strangers, enemies,
I do not find separated entities,
I find One Soul of love and light.

All beings are of one kind.

This is the basic wisdom of our species.
And it is the reason for kindness.

We are living through the moment
this ancient hidden secret might
finally become common knowledge.

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