Spiritual Friendship


About three years ago I was driving home from
an evening meeting during a thunderstorm, and
I was surrounded by beautiful lightning strikes.
This stunning display gave me a glimpse of vision.
I sensed for a moment the many points of light
that we are, in the community of spirituality, and
I felt deeply the great need for us to build
links for a network of loving friendship.

Lately every week I go
to various spiritual events
in the area near my Ojai home:
metaphysical centers,
anonymous fellowships,
esoteric communities,
as well as
churches, temples, and service agencies.
I am seeing and hearing the signs of
a greater Wisdom Family
drawn from this wealth of diverse groups –

Different people talking about the joy of a life given over
to loving service, helping others and sharing kindness. 

What does it matter if one of us studies
the Dharma of the Buddha,
and the other one of us studies
the Gospel of the Christ?

One day our grandchildren will ask us
what we did during the global crisis,
and we will take no pride in
petty disputes between points of view.

What does it matter if there are difficulties
between our differing personalities?

One day we will all be attending
each other’s memorial services.
In that moment we will be mourning
only the barriers that kept us apart.


We are meant for spiritual friendships that
connect us together for the good of the whole.
We are called to help heal this wounded world
and to take part in building a City of Peace.
We are being gathered together from our
sects and tribes for an urgent common reason –

We need a planetary recovery –
an awakening and redemption that unites us.
At this point the deepest basis
for human relations
is spiritual friendship.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Yes, so beautifully written…we need to look beyond our differences and look into the community of our hearts.

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